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Do you know, this is the best post I've seen today? Except for science fiction, there is top-quality romantic fiction writing in every genre! (The SF that I've seen has been terrible, but I'm a genre consumer for more than 40 years so it has big shoes to fill.)
Lisa Henry 9 years ago
Thanks, Expendable Mudge! Romance if like a gateway genre. It leads into all the harder stuff :)
Speaking of funny spy smexytime, have you seen this trailer yet?
Lisa Henry 9 years ago
That is brilliant! Thanks for sharing :)
In my observations, no matter how much one proclaims to dislike romance, they whinge like nobody's business when there is no romance in a book, or the romance takes a backseat.
Lisa Henry 9 years ago
A good point! I think pretty much every YA book marketed at girls might as well just call itself romance, for starters.
Lisa Henry 9 years ago
I love you too, Amaranth! I'm also totally in lust with your profile pic... mmm...
*sidles up to Lisa/sneaks quick smooch*

LOL... Amaranth, I've long conceded my girl-crush on this fabulous woman. :)

(BTW, given that this post is about romances, every time I see your username, I always think of 'The Secret Swan' by Shana Abe, even tho the heroine's name is spelled slightly differently. ^.^)