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Yes, it is "The Light at the Edge of the World" (the German translator actually uses the English name of the movie -- I wish he'd stick to the original words for other things as well; particularly food).

The book also contains references to Valencia's beach (Malvarrosa) "to the north" as being something that's actually visible from Circea, as well as Sagunto beyond it (also visible), the ferry to Ibiza, and "the Cape" to the SOUTH (which from the direction of Valencia would indeed most likely be Cap de Sant Antoni -- which in turn however is *north* of Xàbia). I was initially thinking of Denia, but judging by the references to sights in and near Valencia that are actually in the line of view from Circea, I think we're supposed to imagine a location very close to there -- plus borrowing the Xàbia shooting location from the movie. (So, all told probably an amalgamation of several places along that coastline, but situated close to Valencia.)
Yup. Most of the coastal towns in that area look more or less like the photo; some bigger, some smaller. My parents live in a small inland town next to the city of Alicante, and I've done a lot of driving around there. I love how the descriptions of sights, sounds, and smells match my experiences in the area (Vicent himself is from Castellón).

I couldn't figure out if the famous actress in that film was actually supposed to be someone specific, though.
"Tatum Novack" = a blend of Tatum O'Neal + Kim Novak?

I once (eons ago) spent a few weeks driving around Spain with my then-boyfriend -- we started in Barcelona and went along the coast from there, including the stretch between Valencia and Alicante; so I have a bit of an idea what the area is like as well. We went in September and October, though, so what I definitely missed was the scent of orange blossoms! (You'll understand when you get to chapter 3.)

(And, well, before that I spent some time in the area with my parents, but I was 2 1/2 then, so that barely counts ... Althouth that particular vacation did include one encounter that would leave a mark of its own on me -- / )
Btw, I just double checked: The German translator renders "la capital" (as the place where Jorgito ends up in a clinic) as "Valencia" -- if his interpretation is correct, we're definitely north of the Cap de Sant Antoni.
Orange blossoms have such a unique smell, which is entirely unlike that of the fruit itself. It's reminiscent of honeysuckle, but a bit less cloying and with a bit of an edge. It's one of my favorite smells, and I often seek out perfumes that have that note.
So do I! Or, not perfumes but scents (in shower gels, creams / body lotions, etc.) Orange blossoms, verbena, and citrus and exotic fruit scents ...

I did get to catch up with the natural scent of orange blossoms later, when I moved to L.A. -- there's an area north of the City of Los Angeles called San Fernando Valley where there used to be lots of orange groves -- many of them vanished as a result of growing urbanization, but enough of the plantations survived so you can still tell what it must have been like when the whole valley consisted of nothing but orange groves. (They also play a key role in the movie Chinatown, which actually contains quite a lot of references to L.A.'s real early 20th century history.)
And oddly enough, although in the novel the scent of the blossoms is said to excite people, my grandmother used to buy orange blossom water as a soothing tonic.