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This is a totally new author for me, so hopefully it will translate into a good new (to me) writer to read more of.
Thank you! I'll write those down and follow up if I like this one.
Mike Finn 2 years ago
This is the only one of his books I’ve read so far. I liked how it managed to combine a werewolf tale with WorldWar Two and avoid all the cliches.
I saw your review pop up on Goodreads when I was looking at it, and really liked the way you had described it, both the good and not so good aspects. I'll be reading an ebook version instead of audio. I'm looking forward to it! As I said, I'm a bit burned out on the urban fantasy/paranormal genre at the moment, so I gave a little cheer when you mentioned at the start of your review that this was completely different. :D
2 years ago
If you end up liking this one, there is a sequel that came out, some decades later called THE HUNTER FROM THE WOODS. It covers some of the periods in Michael Gallatin's life that are skipped over in THE WOLF'S HOUR.
I hope you enjoy it!
2 years ago
I love MINE as well, but Boy's Life is my fave.