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BrokenTune 3 years ago
Wow! That looks amazing! Are they as good as they sound? What's your favourite? How do you drink them? I.e. do you like them without anything or are some of them better with milk, sugar etc.?
They're amazing, I've been buying from them for a couple of years and never had one I didn't love. There's a blend of caffeine and herbal blends in there. The Creme Caramel is herbal, and is like having a dessert! I sometimes put a drop of milk into that one. They also have a great selection of Earl Greys (I got one with added lavender and vanilla, it's delicious).

I drink them plain for the most part. I never add sugar (I don't like sweet drinks), but will add a bit of milk once in a while.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
That sounds fabulous. Happy reading and sipping! :D
Darth Pedant 3 years ago
Ooooh, that's a box of happiness right there! The Creme Caramel sounds amazing!
It is! I've ordered that flavor a few times already, it's one of my staples. And it's herbal too, so I can have it in the evening.
Creme Caramel! OMG, I want that!!
They do deliver worldwide, I believe ;)
*Goes into internet buying spree*

Btw, I love the way they spell their name ... :)
Haha, right?