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When is this set?
It's set in two timelines: Modern (2017) and Victorian (I think 1860s?).
And Birdie is part of the Victorian timeline?
Without giving too much away, yes, she starts out there.
Ah -- OK. I'd been wondering ...
Give it a try! It's a great read.
I'll look out for your updates then! Never read anything by Kate Morton (though I've had my eyes on her for a while).
I didn't know anything about her, actually. I was going through my library's Overdrive catalogue to see what I could borrow on my e-reader, and this one popped up.
I have her pegged as historic suspense with supernatural and romantic elements, mostly with female protagonists -- does that sound about right for "The Clockmeker's Daughter"?
Yes, absolutely!
Great, thank you!
Portable Magic 2 years ago
This is the first of hers that I've read that has any supernatural elements. But they all have a basic structure of a woman in a modern timeline trying to solve a past (usually family) mystery, and a parallel storyline that tells the historical events. Emphasis on strong female characters, not always likeable, and relationships (friendship, familial, and romantic).
Thank you, PM! I can do without the romance bits -- but "strong female characters, not always likable" actually is a recommendation in my ears.
No big romance element so far here.
Dare I say "fingers crossed"? :)
Portable Magic 2 years ago
I had those same reservations as I was reading it. She provides an explanation by the end, but I'm not sure how satisfied I was by it.