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Yessss!! :)

Before you get too far in (say, after book 2 or 3), you may want to read "A Rare Benedictine". Technically it's book 11 (or so), but it, or at least the first story in it -- it's a collection of three short stories total -- is actually a prequel to the series set at the moment when Cadfael joins the order., which shines a lot of light on that moment Other than that, though, it's really advisable to read the series in publication order, because almost with each successive book -- especially with the first 6, though -- Ellis Peters unveils more about Cadfael's personal background (plus, book 2 is also a really crucial basis for the series in a lot of other ways), and it's a wonderfully slow build-up of complexity.
Ok, now the series sounds amazing! :D And I'm liking it enough that the other books are going on my TBR pile. I have a Genre: Mystery square sitting right above Relics and Curiosities, so I might put another Cadfael book there.
Yey! :)

(If you do, make it book 2 -- "One Corpse too Many". That's the book that, next to "A Morbid Taste for Bones", really should be read before all the others. Even before "A Rare Benedictine.")