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Stumbling Over Chaos 3 years ago
I was reading that Kim Harrison series as it came out, but I got so pissed off at a major character death at the end of one of the books, I stopped reading the series completely.
Tea, Rain, Book 3 years ago
My husband really enjoyed The First Law trilogy. He read all three books in a month.
Ami's Hoard 3 years ago
Interestingly, I have only read ONE book from your list!! *hahaha* I think we totally read different genres. By the way, can I record "Champion Of The Scarlet Wolf by Ginn Hale" as your best MM book. I want to collect my friend's best MM book for the blog. But figure I ask first :)
MandyM 3 years ago
@ Chris - I was pissed off to the extreme with several of these books. I think I gave 2 stars a couple of times. But it ended just how I wanted it so the payoff was perfect.
@ Ratbag and Miriam - Obviously you and Miriam's husband are persons of great taste! lol. I still haven't got into the whole audiobook thing but I think that might be a new years resolution.
@ Ami - Yes of course. I'm looking forward to seeing your list too :)
MandyM 3 years ago
@ Ami again - Does that mean you haven't read Red Dirt Heart? Can I recommend it to you? I think you might like it. There are a few sequels now but strangely I have no desire to read them. RDH stands perfectly by itself.
Ami's Hoard 3 years ago
No I haven't!! Nic Walker's writing/stories are kind of hits and misses with me. I mean, they are usually nice and all, but not memorable in my mind. But maybe I'll read Red Dirt Heart next year :p. I kinda want to settle in for fan-fiction until the end of the year.