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Ilhem 3 years ago
oh, so sorry that it is a letdown!
MandyM 3 years ago
It's not all bad. Rereading Chance Assassin was a real pleasure!!
"household chores are becoming a welcome distraction" this could be the most condemning string of words I've ever read in review, lol.
MandyM 3 years ago
Haha! Faint praise indeed.;)
MandyM 3 years ago
In book 1 the late decision to introduce the sweet family friends (Maggie and Ethan) - who were previously never mentioned, and who it seemed impossible that a person like Frank would ever have in his life - really struck me as out of the blue and out of character. Even though I probably didn't mind as much as you the idea that Vince and Frank's relationship could change, the amount that it's changed in book 2 is giving me a lot of grief. :( I will persist though because I suspect - hope - they are going to go back to their murderous ways.