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Tackling Mt. TBR 3 years ago
Sorry about all your DNFs. :(
MandyM 3 years ago
Thanks. I'm not worried. There's always a new good book around the corner...
MandyM 3 years ago
I'm giving up mm for a while. That always works ;)
Ami's Hoard 3 years ago
I am having so much fun with my personal reading challenge! I know that picking "urban fantasy with male protagonist" will be a winner haha. As for those you DNF, well, I gave up on Con Riley few books ago (realize that her writing doesn't do me much). And I don't think "The Next" is for me.

May I recommend Veronica Sloane's "Stories Beneath Our Skin", if you're willing to try MM again? Kate doesn't hate it. She says it's "Nice". I consider it a winner. LOL
MandyM 3 years ago
LOL. I only just emerged from a fanfic binge recently. I'm all stereked/drarried/J2'd/sherlocked out! Yes I already read SBOS and really enjoyed it. I might try some urban fantasy too. Khan just 5 starred a YA UF called Drink, Slay, Love which looks good although the title is awful!