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Wow, that's ridiculous, Marianna. Sorry you have to go through this. Perhaps you can add the portion you wrote above about the plot. Then it will be clear that it's the *plot* that's suggesting you shouldn't write negative reviews, and not the *author*. Personally, I don't feel you should have to revise it at all--it should be your right to say/write whatever you wish. However, if you would like to keep the review on GR, then maybe it's worthwhile. But yeah, definitely contact GR's CS as well if you like. By the way, it's clear that the authors must have flagged your review. How else would GR have come across it? I'm going to place them on my 'no thanks' and 'authors to avoid' list.
Oh, perhaps you can also start a thread about it in the Feedback Group. The mods will close it, but at least you shine a public light there on how you've been unjustly targeted by GR.
The Ninja Reader 5 years ago
So sorry you have to put up with this. Like Rachel said, perhaps you can elaborate more in the review, or you can write back to GR to point out their mistake. Surely they must have a feature for that.
Marianna 5 years ago
So to keep my review on their site I would have to defend and explain my opinion of the book?
That just doesn't sit right with me.

I know it's not a well written review. I know that I gave very little information.

But I also know that I didn't say one word about the authors!

Is there now a guideline Goodreads wants their reviewers to follow? Do they have an opinion on how many examples a reviewer must give to back up their thoughts? Is it enough to write "I loved it!" or must we now defend our reactions?
Princess Eva Rose 5 years ago
I am so sorry you have to deal with this load of crap. GR has recently become a very unfriendly place when it comes to calling out authors for their crap.
Marianna 5 years ago
But I didn't call anyone out! Can it be interpreted as that? Maybe I'm missing some nuance of the English language.

I thought I was just expressing my disgust with the plot of the book so I can't even see how this could be taken as a review that "is predominantly about the author's behavior and not about the book".

I'm just flabbergasted at the moment!
Princess Eva Rose 5 years ago
I honestly feel like they don't investigate the reviews very much in depth and just send you a message that they are going to take it down. It is the only way I can explain what is happening.
I agree with you, Eva. I don't think they even bothered to read it because to me it's clear that the review is about the book and not the author. GR doesn't care. They were too busy worrying about damage control so that they wouldn't alienate an author ($$$).
Marianna, I agree with you 100%. The whole thing is ridiculous and absurd. And you're right, I bet if you had written "the authors are awesome and nice!" we wouldn't even be having this conversation.
Merle 5 years ago
I'm saddened by this and can't see how that can possibly be taken as anything other than a review of the book. You could edit it to include what you've said in this post, and see what they do. Since they ask people to edit, presumably if you do a real person will have to look at it afterwards?

Or not. You could see what happens and repost afterwards. Or leave GR.
Merle 5 years ago
Marianna, have you/they already deleted it? I went to like your review and it isn't showing up on the page.
Marianna 5 years ago
I didn't delete it.
I think GR "hid" it.
Marianna 5 years ago
How would I check that? I can still see the review when I go to the link when logged out...
I'm not sure. Maybe you can email them? I can't see it at all, even when I'm logged out. :(
That's weird, Petra. I can't see it all. ???
Okay, thanks! I can see it now, using the URL you provided.
Merle 5 years ago
Yeah, I can access the link too. But it pisses me off that they'd hide a review--a helpful criticism of the book, no less!
This is why I adore BL so much now. I'm sorry, Marianna!
Ilhem 5 years ago
I could see your review.
I agree that you reviewed the book, even if it is succint. It is absolutely ridiculous!
You might or might not have noticed Marianna but they did freeze the Feedback thread and told you to email them. Sorry you have to deal with this, it was clear to me that they are wrong.
Marianna 5 years ago
I noticed. I'll see if they reply to my emails. :)
Sad to see that it continues. I had hoped management was just hoping to sweep that policy under the rug. It appears they are continuing to enforce it in the way they see fit. Thanks for sharing your story.