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Martini 5 years ago
Thanks! :) Yes, all of the books are German editions, and that's why I simply wanted to post the related English titles, because the German ones wouldn't mean anything to most people here. I have never thought about it that way that sombody would be intersted in seeing the actual covers, so posting photos is a great idea and something that I will definetely do!
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Fabulous idea! I would not mind being "bothered" with updates of your treats at all. :)
Bookish thoughts!!! 5 years ago
LOVE the idea!!!
Martini 5 years ago
Thanks everybody! :)
That is an awesome idea - I'm with Bookstooge, we wanna know what you pulled out every day.
Martini 5 years ago
Thanks, Susanna! :)Okay, how about a compromise: I will post every two or three days, but always with a pic of the books.
Martini 5 years ago
Great, will do! :)
Murder by Death 5 years ago
I love this idea! And I am adding my vote in for the updates and the pics! (And if you let me know which of the books you have need updating on BL, I can do that too.)
Great idea!!! Yes, like everyone else says please post daily if you are so inclined.
Martini 5 years ago
Thanks, you two! And thank you, MbD, for that kind offer! :)
But still: nope, only every two or three days. ;)