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BrokenTune 3 years ago
Hooray! Excellent rendition of one of the best songs ever, but I'm sorry to hear you're stressed.
Martini 3 years ago
Thank you, BT! Hopefully next week will be more relaxed.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Here's to next week! ::clink glasses:: :)
Martini 3 years ago
Can't wait till it's finally here... *clink* :)
Look forward to seeing you next week, Martini. And yes I do have this: stuck in my head! But that's no bad thing.
Martini 3 years ago
Thanks, Susanna! Glad you don't mind having it stuck in your head. That happens to me everytime somebody mentions it, and it is one of the few where I actually enjoy the earworm. :)