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TMHK 4 years ago
I am so excited for the next Mercy book! Mercy is my favorite series and I love all of Patricia Briggs books, I own almost all of them.
Melody 4 years ago
The Mercy Thompson series are my favorite books of all time and I am so excited for the next one! You are an amazing author and have brought so much enjoyment to me and he world with these books. Thank you so much.
Jellyfish (guest) 4 years ago
The Mercyverse is my absolute favorite series (or two I guess, since there is both Anna and Mercy). I recommend your books, all of them, to everyone I can. I figure if I get enough people reading you, you will never retire! If I don't win this, is there any way I can buy the plushie? He is SUPER cute!
MERCY'S GARAGE 4 years ago
Jellyfish, we put a link to Lucy Bartlett's Etsy page in the post. You can order from her if you want your own Adam. Lol We think he's really cute too!
HurogGirl 4 years ago
What fun, proper silver with black points Adam! Thank you for the chance.