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JLee22 5 years ago
I have not read this specific book but others in the series spun off this one and the best comparison that I can make is that it is like any novel from the sub-genre that has spawned off of Jane Austen interpretations, except off of The Last of the Mohicans as you mentioned. Odd, but... also oddly pleasing to read. I like the feeling of having a guaranteed happy ending sometimes.
Merle 5 years ago
Huh, I've never liked a Jane Austen spinoff, and I did rather like this, so to me they don't seem very similar. The spinoffs I've read have all been retellings though, not following the same characters into the future. But what Donati does here is different from those books written to answer the question "how does Elizabeth and Darcy's marriage go?" I don't feel like this book is aimed toward fans of The Last of the Mohicans (more like fans of Outlander!) or written to assuage the author's or readers' curiosity about how those characters' lives turned out. Instead the author is using those characters as secondaries in a story that doesn't require them for its appeal. So that aspect of it makes less sense to me than straight-up fanfiction, because it feels like the author's use of those characters stems more from laziness or insecurity about her own creations than an overwhelming love for the source material.

That said I also enjoyed Donati's The Gilded Hour and think she has improved since her first novel. You're right about the happy endings - sometimes comfort reading is just what we need.