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Liz Loves Books.Com. 5 years ago
I think it would translate well to television with the right director. :)
AH@BadassBookReviews 5 years ago
That is so cool! Congrats.
Books2day 5 years ago
Fingers and toes crossed for you!!
Literary Creature 5 years ago
Lucid Reading 5 years ago
Super cool!!
My Never Ending List 5 years ago
Remember when one door closes another one opens up......
Mike Mullin, Author 5 years ago
Thanks! Yes, I think it could be really cool as a television series. Don't know if it will actually happen, but it's nice to be in the running, anyway.
ICU 5 years ago
Congratulations, hope it all goes smoothly
dixiekkeyes 5 years ago
Would love to watch it, but more excited about your future books!