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I see a bunch of reviews complaining about the repetition and endless information dumps. I have an ARC of this, but I've kind of been putting it off. I'm nervous to try it.
Momma Says to Read 1 year ago
Hopefully you like it better than I did. The idea is good, but there was just way too much about everything except Nellie. The creepy house is what made me pick it up.
Every single reviewer I know has not been impressed. 3 stars is the highest rating from them I've seen. None of which bodes well for me.
Momma Says to Read 1 year ago
Info dumps are annoying, but I could've overlooked that part if the book had been what was promised in the blurb. The history of the house is important, as are some other points in the characters lives, but it's more Billy did this blah blah blah and then a tidbit of creepy from Nellie, then back to someone else or another complete description of a room in the house - and I do mean complete. SMH This one had a ton of potential, it just didn't quite deliver.
Thanks for elaborating. These are the exact problems I've seen pointed out in other reviews. I guess I'm still going to have to give it a try, but my high hopes have been dashed. :(
Momma Says to Read 1 year ago
That may work out for the best. I went into it with those same high hopes and was disappointed. Maybe going at it from the other side will pleasantly surprise you. One can hope.