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What is the book like? The last novelization of the Fall of Troy I read was Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley... when I was a kid.... a loooooong time ago.
Muccamukk 1 year ago
It's interesting. It's both Lavinia's story from childhood through the poem presumably to her death (I'm only about a third in), but it also has a meta narrative where she's haunted by Virgil, and a lot of it is about what is remembered.

I think you might find it a little constructed? I'm quite enjoying it, but it's definitely more about storytelling than telling a story, if that makes sense.

I quite liked Black Ships by Jo Graham, which is a historical look at the voyages after the fall of Troy.
Black Ships sounds interesting. I will take a look. Thanks! You should try Firebrand. Even my grandmother liked it.
Muccamukk 1 year ago
I've never really liked MZB's writing (I tried a couple of her Darkover books and Mists of Avalon), though I used to adore those Sword and Sorceress anthologies when I was a teen. Then it came out about her and her husband's actions (TW for everything:, and I haven't felt like going back to her work.
Mists was just plain long winded. I never read anything else by her except Firebrand.
Muccamukk 1 year ago
Yip - probably why it took me two years to read it.