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Man, they're still doing that kind of thing, eh? That stinks...
Mystereity 2 years ago
Sadly, I like the Mobile version better. Perhaps that's what they were aiming for?
I just checked in and my goodness, it was worse than I was thinking!
Mystereity 2 years ago
It's not terrible, just not very attractive. I wish it was possible to change what they put in the sidebars, though. I could do without a gigantic RECOMMENDATIONS at the top of my page, considering Goodreads recommendations are usually books I've already read.
... or books I'd never read ...
I think the grand plan at GR is to drive all the readers away so that all they have are authors trying to sell to each other and buying advertising space.
That must be it. Only sane explanation!
Mystereity 2 years ago
You might have a point there!