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BrokenTune 5 years ago
The only saving grace here is that they do not deliver to the UK. So. There. (And yes I have tried to get the Sherlock's Study one...)
They (seem to) do if you don't order through Amazon but from their own website:
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Dammit. ... Now I'm doomed.
You're welcome. :D

(And yes, now that I know they ship to Germany, too, probably so am I. Because of the shipping costs, if nothing else ...)
BrokenTune 5 years ago
The shipping costs are pretty bad. Only really worth it when buying several items.... *sighs*
... which in turn drives up the VAT amount. :(

Seems it comes down to finding the right order size -- one that makes the shipping costs look moderately more reasonable, while at the same time not adding in too much again in terms of VAT ...
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
Book Riot had some.
5 years ago