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I am so sorry you are dealing with something like this. Don't wear yourself out here. Reading is supposed to be a hobby, so if reviewing is killing it for you, don't.
The Nearly Reader 2 years ago
It's not just reviews, it's any kind of writing. And it's making me sad as that was how I've always been able to communicate.
Bark's Book Reviews 2 years ago
That sounds terrible :( I agree with others. Maybe by stepping away for a bit, the words will come back. Every now and I again I have to completely disconnect and recharge. i wish you luck.
Andreya's Asylum 2 years ago
My words are broken too. I'm having such a hard time just writing the reviews that I'm behind on. I hope that you find yours soon.
I was also going to say, give it time, it'll come back to you, but on second thought, probably Troy is right. His is exactly the sort of advice writing teachers give, because once you've started -- basically, on *anything* -- your brain is going to kick in and you're going to start making connections that really only the process of writing is able to bring out into the open. Obviously you have to want to do it and not force yourself, but that doesn't seem to be the issue ... it sounds more like frustration at not being able to do what you want to do very much?
I recently had to step away from any sort of writing for fun to work on something that actually pays the bills. Now I am having a hard time getting back into reviews and posts because it feels so overwhelming. One day at a time and then the smallest thing will jump start that writing again, I'm sure. :-)
Reviews in Chalk 2 years ago
Not the same thing, of course, but I have noticed my memory is crap. I suppose it's just I'm tired. I have 8 kids. My permanent status is "tired". But I'm trying to do some exercises to improve my memory. I don't want to realize too late something is wrong. I'm also more alert about it. If it seems to go worse, I'll pay a visit to the doctor.
That sounds very sensible, Reviews in Chalk.
The Nearly Reader 2 years ago
8 kids, you have an excuse. :)
Yes, this exactly the advice writing teachers give, and it works. (My father is one.)
I found this marvelous book at the used book store called "The Right To Write" by Julia Cameron and it's helped me make peace with my writing. Another book that turned writing around for me was "Big Magic" By Elizabeth Gilbert. I hope these can help you too. I know what you're going through, but I know you can turn it around. Remember we were ALL born to write, and it's a shame that we put so much BS (Belief Systems) around the act of writing and creativity in general :) Let me know how it goes for you. Wishing you all the best.
The Nearly Reader 2 years ago
Troy, I actually did what you suggested. I downloaded a journal app on my phone and wrote a lot yesterday. Thank you.
The Nearly Reader 2 years ago
I'm actually a big fan of Natalie Goldberg, and I need to adopt her style of having a topic and a time limit and just writing.
That sounds like a great plan. I'm going to the library today, so I will have to see if they have any Natalie Goldberg books. Thanks for the recommendation :)
The Nearly Reader 2 years ago
Writing Down the Bone is the best.