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Mystereity 2 years ago
Got the same email, only my credit was $4.71 from some kind of Apple Ebooks Anti-Trust Settlement. I've never bought an Apple ebook, but I'd be more than happy to buy another ebook with my winnings!
Niiice! I got $18 and some change, which was a nice surprise.
markk 2 years ago
I got a buck and change. Given that I don't read e-books it's might as well be in Monopoly money.
You can get other things, or apply it to other things, on Amazon. It's just there as an Amazon GC.
markk 2 years ago
My bad! Now I have to decide on what to spend my newfound fortune. ;-)
I'm trying to narrow down what I'll get.

*goes back to being embarrassed about spending*

My amount says bad, bad things about my book spending...

ETA: Yes, I'm so embarrassed, I'm not saying out loud. But... I see myself buying tons of comics with this.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Check other sites you buy ebooks from as well. I have credit at amazon and at barnes and noble (the bn email is a bit odd or I read it wrong -- the credit is applied to your account and used first when buying but you won't actually see it in your account until after you buy something).