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Good luck with the new diet.
Thanks. I'm already dreading it. Most of the child's protein comes from dairy. And I'm not sure I know how to make anything without melted cheese. I come from a farming family. We kind of have a thing for dairy.
Yeah, we inhale cheese.
I love cheese myself but when my daughter was on a gluten/dairy free diet for a while to eliminate allergies I found there are sooo many excellent substitute products now. Would have been worse twenty or even ten years ago. Invest in a really good vegan cook book. Good luck.
It was tough on my mother (the kitchen is her kitchen, and has been since she took over her mother's at 14, back in the first Eisenhower administration) when I had to go on a low cholesterol diet - that cut out a lot of stuff we like, like shrimp, egg noodles, and most cheeses. (Luckily I am now off it!)

At least there are lower-cholesterol options for things like egg noodles, and there was always Parmesan (which can be used sparingly for much effect, and doesn't have much cholesterol to begin with), but the lack of shrimp got very painful there for a while.

My grandmother had to go on low-sodium cheese in the 80s, and my gods was it NASTY.