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Murder by Death 9 months ago
Welcome back! Hope everyone is on the mend.

I didn't mind A Morbid Taste of Bones, but that might have been because I was going into it expecting to be bored, so my expectations were low enough to be surprised. I just finished the second one in the series - One Corpse Too Many - and I have to say that although the book started out so slowly as to be inhumane, it picked up eventually (chapter 4?, or 5?) and it ended up being one of the better historical mysteries I've ever read. Truly. FWIW.

I've also read Crocodile on the Sandbank and several others in that series, and although I love Elizabeth Peters' other work, I quit this series early on. It just didn't do anything for me at all. Meh.
Sorry kids, no feet. 9 months ago
I really liked the Amelia Peabody books until Peters' decided to beat the reader over the head with how intelligent Ramses is. So what? Three books? Two? I have zero desire to see that child develop. I'm unsure if I have read One Corpse Too Many. I think part of my problem with Bones might have been I read it on my Kindle. For whatever reason, I can't stay engaged in e-books. I just can't.
Murder by Death 9 months ago
I can't either. I know they're a godsend for a lot of people, but digital books just don't work for me which made being told to stay away from them for medical reasons no hardship at all. I stick to paper now; I enjoy my reading a lot more, and I figure the extra weight of the books I carry around is sort of like a strength training workout. ;-)

And yeah - Ramses pretty much irritated me out of that series as well.