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How is the mystery part? (I've got this sitting on my physical TBR as well -- got curious about Gooden's writing as a result of the "Medieval Murderers" round robins.)
Sorry kids, no feet. 8 months ago
It's kind of slow moving so far. The author's style is a little different. He moves from first person to third person to reading like a play. The mystery has been a minor thing at this point. The issue I am having right now is the way it's structured. It's divided in parts like a play, not chapters. There are no decent stopping points. I need a larger chunk of time than 15 minutes here and there to read.
Hmm. OK ... (?)

Funny, his contributions to the Medieval Murderers books aren't like that at all. He sticks with one narrative perspective, and while his chapters are broken up into parts, it's straight fiction-style narration -- and the "chapter-like" break-up is practially necessitated by the specific round robin format of the Medieval Murderers books; virtually every single contributor does things that way, and it's easy to see why they have to. (The MM books follow one specific object or location from the Middle Ages to the present day, with every contributor covering one particular period, so in effect you have one longer book that actually consists of 5 or 6 interconnected mini-novels / novellas.)
Sorry kids, no feet. 8 months ago
I thought the writing style was an interesting choice. I have only ever read one MM but it was what led me to pick of Sleep of Death. I had not read anything by Gooden before MM. His portion was one of my favorite stories in the book.

I also needed to find a book with a body on the cover for my Historical Mystery Clue challenge. This one fit that bill.
Yes, that's of course how his own books ended up on my TBR as well -- I like his MM contributions.

Which of the MM books have you read?
Sorry kids, no feet. 8 months ago
The only one I have read is The First Murder. I happened to pick it up for $1 at my favorite used store one day. I had no idea it was part of a larger series. It is proving to be a series that is difficult for me to find in the library system. I'm trying really hard not to order any books until the end of the summer. I desperately need to get through some of what I own and have not read. I have no room for bookshelves and no space on existing shelves.
Do you have an Audible subscription? One of them ("The Sacred Stone") is available there.