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Moonlight Madness 3 years ago
This was an awesome rant.

True story, I had a friend who fell victim to the secret baby trope. He was a decent guy, who found out that he was a father when his son was around 13. It pissed me off beyond words, but he was devastated. All of those years lost - he would've happily been a father, and helped to support his child.

There was no HEA for him, either. That's some bullshit right there.
OstensiblyA 3 years ago
Oh, my God, the idea of this happening in real life kills me. He'll never have seen his kid as a baby, as a toddler, little kid. There is no replacing that or witnessing all the firsts. No matter how many pictures and videos exist. Ughhh, makes my stomach hurt and my rage center explode.