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Heidi Hart 8 years ago
I agree with you completely. I bought this for Kit Rocha's story, liked it but (as usual) the novella form didn't work for me and I thought the plot would've been more developed as a full-length novel. I'd never read Arend and was pleasantly surprised. I'd never read Dane, either, and likely never will again.
Readsalot81 8 years ago
Yeah, I was pretty bummed that I couldn't love it. I'm a huge fan of Kit Rocha's as well.. but this just didn't work as much as her full length books. I think the short form didn't do Noah & Emma any favors because there was a lot of potential with their story. The Arend story surprisingly worked out the best, imo, and yeah,, UGH @ the Dane story. Just seemed like it was all lust, and that gets boring, very fast.