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BrokenTune 5 years ago
I prefer the slightly older film version with Geoffrey Rush as Javert. In fact, he made such an impression that I found it hard to expel him from my mind when re-reading Les Mis last time around. And no doubt it is thanks to Geoffrey, that I managed to plow through the descriptions of even the minutest of details...
The Book-Addled Brain 5 years ago
Maybe if I finally finish reading the book, I'll reward myself by watching that version. I've heard it's great!
How many pages do you have left? You've gone through 700, just plow on through! Otherwise, if you're like me, you'll have to dig the book up later and start from the verrrrrrrry beginning to read it all the way through.
The Book-Addled Brain 5 years ago
Only 700+ more pages to go...I'm literally stuck in the middle. I'm pretty stubborn, so I think eventually I'll power through and finish it!
1400 pages total?? I must have read the abridged version, because I'm pretty sure I read that in high school, and can guarantee that I didn't read more than 700 page. Wowzers. You can more patience than I do, but I think it's definitely worth finishing. :)
Carpe Librum 5 years ago
I read Les Miserables this year, too. I have to admit that there were several chapters that I skimmed, but there are others that were beautifully written. It's one classic that could use modern editing ;-)