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Irresponsible Reader 8 months ago
I've got a friend who has spent the last year and a half telling me I need to read these books. I've yet to make time to do so. You're not the last to the party :)
Escape from the ER 8 months ago
Phew, Hobart! Thought I'd inadvertently slipped into a coma or something.
Definitely not the last. I found these because Mike Finn (AudiobookJunkie) reviewed "An Accidental Death" here on BL a while ago -- I, too, have been wondering why this series hasn't been in my life all along ever since I read it.

Note: Joy Ellis has two series set in Norfolk that come equally highly recommended.
Escape from the ER 8 months ago
Loved your review. Yep, it was just sitting on my kindle for who knows how long
Thank you! (More an excuse to post vacation photos, but anyway ... :) )

And yes, I suppose if I had a Kindle that might well have been its fate here as well, for shame!