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Very well written piece Samir.
Thanks Gitta!
Sadly I am also a full on Amazon customer. Buy their ebooks a lot. But now I'm rethinking my book vendor choices. Your suggestions are great, Samir!
I thought I replied to this earlier but perhaps something went wrong... I'm glad you're considering other options Samadrita :) It helps to hit them where it hurts... money, since that's all corporations are interested in. Maybe then Amazon would be willing to listen to it's readers... oops! I mean "customers".
Liz Loves Books.Com. 5 years ago
Its a great idea. I'll be honest and say I'm not an amazon hater or lover. I mainly try to get my physical books from my local bookshop, but apart from that I go with the best deal. Which is sometimes Amazon, sometimes not. :)
I understand. I still like physical books so I'm always hovering around 2nd hand bookstores. But no more Amazon for me...
And libraries are great, too! I hope people keep using them before they become obsolete :(
I use mine a lot; they have ebook lending as well, which is fabulous when you can't drive.
Liz Loves Books.Com. 5 years ago
I use mine, mainly for the children they each have their own library card. I also donate books to them AND buy from them when they have a sell off. Our local library is quite vibrant and well used which is lovely. Its because the staff care - always lots going on :)