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aka Grasshopper 5 years ago
This sounds like a good a idea. I agree with you about the sense of loss when I log in over "there." I'm having a lot of trouble negotiating this site but I'm liking it more every day.
Leopard 5 years ago
That is a lovely sentiment, Samir. But I can well understand frustration overflowing from there to here, and I certainly do not want to tell other people what they should be writing about. But I, for one, have been following your suggestion from my first day in BL. I only post about books on my blog
. :)
Kinga's Books 5 years ago
I wanted to write a post exactly in the same vein. I actually was considering very politely unfollowing certain people, just so I can have no reminders of you-know-what on my timeline. I am actually almost amused by how much the whole thing is upsetting me.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 5 years ago
I like the idea too. But I have to admit, I do like the updates simply because I still have a need to know what's going on. In particular, about the group of authors that are more...aggressive, let's say.

For instance, if I didn't follow this kind of news I'd not have known that it's not safe to enter RL addresses in for GR book giveaways, and that GR can't really do anything to protect or warn its users in such cases, and that certain authors want to use that info against reviewer they decide they don't like. So yeah, the updates may be taking up space now, but honestly I do need to know some of the info. (Booklikes' Dawid chimed in on the comments of a post to let everyone know how BL handles giveaways. Which was also good info to know.)
These are my exact sentiments. When I transferred my books on BL six months ago, i never knew I would really be happy using this site. GR has become a "war-zone", and I for once would not like to search reviews among the sea of "fake" ones.
Valz 5 years ago
I absolutely AGREE with you. This is a new place. Let's treat it differently.
Thank you all for your comments, your understanding and your support.
I know what you mean, Samir. I hope not to make any GR related posts over here, unless it is about something constructive. Let's build BL together and forget about what's happening over there.