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Portable Magic 6 years ago
Okay, now you need to post the recipe for us. I've only had experience with the one that uses canned green beans and canned condensed soup, and I do like it even though it sounds disgusting. But yours looks amazing.
My Never Ending List 6 years ago
Thanks. Mine is more crunchy and has bacon and cheese in it. I omit the onions and garlic if I am making it for my daughter. It was originally on Recipe Rehab, a show that remakes recipes and tries to make them healthier. I boil my green beans longer on the stove (about 10 minutes) just cause I like them crunchy but not super crunchy.
Happy Thanksgiving -- this looks delicious!
My Never Ending List 6 years ago
Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you. Hope you are able to enjoy the day.