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"So it goes." 5 years ago
sounds adorable - and I love the name Penelope for a T Rex!
My Never Ending List 5 years ago
It was fantastic! I had my husband read it and we both laughed over it. Between the language and the illustrations, you just had to laugh. I'm buying my granddaughter a copy and I'm buying a copy to take with me when I sub ( I think kids will love to listen to it over and over). I found her name was funny too as it seemed dainty and feminine for a T Rex.
Paper Soul 5 years ago
Love the review!! I need to read this book, did you get it as an ARC?
My Never Ending List 5 years ago
No, I got it at the library. It’s a new release. Yesterday, I ordered 2 copies, one for my granddaughter and one for my subbing bag. I shared it today at our summer Y reading program and the kids loved it.