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Litchick's Hit List 10 years ago
Sharon L 10 years ago
Hello!! finally a place to leave random things
You do know, that you can just copy 'about me' from GR and paste it here. It would take you 30 seconds tops. ^^
Sharon L 10 years ago
I want to change the about me section in GR too. I'll do it in a few days, one exams are over
OMG! You're reading "Life in Outer Space"! *fangirling*
Sharon L 10 years ago
Supposed to be reading it is more like it, haven't started yet (stupid exams)
Sharon L 10 years ago
Hi Sharon, I missed you :D
Library Liz·ard 10 years ago
hullo! good idea this :)
Sharon L 10 years ago
Hello, thank you. Not my idea though. :)
I have this idea to clear the comment section regularly. Don't be mad. I just want to know if you still get notifications if someone posts a comment on my 'comments' page' ;)
Sharon L 10 years ago
I'm a bit confused- why would I be mad? It's fine:). And yes, I still get notification on each comment. Sorry I haven't replied sooner my email takes time to notify me.
I haven't deleted your comment's (yet) I wanted to know first if it's fine. I'll do it now and then we'll see.
Ok, did you get a notification about what I said a minute ago?
Sharon L 10 years ago
If you said it in your Email section, then no. :)
It works :D Time to post another tip *runs off*