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Yay! Good to hear it's a satisfying book. I haven't read any Barclay yet, but he's on my tbr list as part of my Canadian authors project ("No Time for Goodbye").
Portable Magic 11 months ago
I didn't realize he was Canadian. Yes, it was pretty good. and it has a lot to say about a number of current social topics, without being overbearing about it.
Ah - that doesn't surprise me greatly, given he was a newspaperman (which is the reason his name is so familiar to me).
Portable Magic 11 months ago
It makes perfect sense that he's covered the news professionally. The story did seem to me like the product of someone who might muse on current events and come up with the story of the people behind it, and that none of those people would be wholly good nor bad, and the logic/reasoning/justification behind their decisions and actions that lead up to those events, and how the attitudes of the citizenry create the environment for it to happen.