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I'm glad you ended up liking it -- and yey for someone using a joker card!
Portable Monsters 11 months ago
Did I do it right? I used this book that took place on the winter solstice to replace the book task for Square 9 Winter Solstice.
Absolutely. The book themes for Winter Solstice are "Read a book of poetry, or a book where the events all take place during the course of one night, or where the cover is a night-time scene." So if you want to use the Pilcher book as a Winter Solstice read, you have to use the joker.

Question, though: Are you also planning to read another book for Winter Solstice -- one that fulfills the above-mentioned "regular" book themes for that holiday (so you'd be using Pilcher's book in addition), or are you planning to *replace* the regular book themes by Pilcher's book?

The answer to that question determines whether you get to use the book joker as a bonus joker (so you'd have an extra point for that holiday, because you've effectively read two books for it) or whether we'd just count this read as your "regular" (and one and only) Winter Solstice read.
Portable Monsters 11 months ago
At this time, I don't have any other book lined up for the Solstice square, and I've already done the Solstice task. I suppose that if I get all my other planned books read (unlikely!) then I can find one that fits the Solstice square, then use Pitcher's book for a bonus point instead. I've only got 2 other squares that I don't have books planned for, and if I get that far, then I'll reward myself with new books to fit them.
OK, cool, that works!