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What I am reading 3 months ago
I know that feeling of being afraid to re-read a book which I loved when I was younger, because as an adult I dislike quite a few of my former favorites and every time it is a saddenig experience, so I always think twice about doing that.
On the other hand, it is all the more rewarding when we find one of these gems that are not only great, no matter at what age we are when we read them, but like good wine (and ourselves), they also get better with age :) I'm glad, you found one of those!
Portable Mistletoe 3 months ago
I have noticed that the books I enjoyed in the past are more likely to be the ones that disappoint me as an adult. But the books that had an *impact*, that left a lasting impression or made some kind of fundamental change in my world view, those are more likely to leave an impression on the adult me as it did the younger me. Stories like A Little Princess, or The Outsiders, or the Lord of the Rings. And also, apparently, Lord of the Flies.
Irresponsible Reader 3 months ago
I remember being very impressed with this when I read it in school, but I can't say I enjoyed it. Something tells me that if I tried it again now, I'd feel the same way same reaction, but "more than ever."
Portable Mistletoe 3 months ago
Exactly. Not enjoyable, exactly, but... meaningful.