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BrokenTune 2 months ago
I see no cheating in this. Why would delicious ice cream in a mug be a cheat?
Indeed ... !
Jennifer's Books 2 months ago
I used ice cream in a mug, too. It's definitely not cheating. ;D I mean, the prompt says, "prepare," not "cook," right?
Portable Mistletoe 2 months ago
Well, but you actually put stuff *on* your ice cream. You made a caramel sundae with it. I just literally scooped it out of the container into the mug, then scooped it out of the mug into my mouth. But if you and BT and TA think it's not a cheat, I accept your greater wisdom!
That ice cream looks incredible!
Emerjas 2 months ago
That sounds like a delicious flavor!
Kell's Reading Realm 2 months ago
That looks so yummy!!