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Portable Mistletoe 2 years ago
It's funny how I have enjoyed both Harry Potter and LotR fan fic, but never could get into P&P fan fic. RE: the movies, though, I also loved both versions, but for me, MacFadyen is the real Mr. Darcy. Probably because that's the only movie I've seen him in, but have seen the yummy Mr. Firth in many other roles.
SilverThistle 2 years ago
I'm the opposite, I've never been able to get into the HP fanfic. I think the difference is that the HP stuff is always on the FF communities online whereas the JAFF I'm getting is in printed books and doesn't feel like FF. Plus, a lot of the HP I was trying to read felt like it was written by 13 year old girls and I just wasn't feeling it...
Portable Mistletoe 2 years ago
I get that. I found a few favorite HP fanfic writers and followed their stuff, and there is a ton of crap you have to wade through first. Also, I probably have much lower standards for free online content than I do for printed / published work.