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Rane Aria 2 years ago
I'm with you Silver, I dusted off my old blog when I couldn't get on at all on th weekend and checking on GR and BAM! BL is putting up an announcement, talking to us....
SilverThistle 2 years ago
It's the uncertainty that kills me. I want to trust that all is well but they have to earn that trust back again first. Words are cheap, let them show me how they're on top of things again.
I'm with you, I love the community on BLs but they make me feel like I'm in an abusive relationship. I'm on GRs for review backup and cataloging but I started a new blogspot and am going to keep it with BLs being more of the backup to that until they show me they really have changed. Maybe if you could find a way to combine your old and new blog you wouldn't feel so spread out?
Linda Hilton 2 years ago
I totally agree, Whiskey. And having been in an abusive relationship, I know it never really gets any better. I'm so disappointed.
It's frustrating because today there has been so much action with people posting and commenting, the people and desire is there if only BLs could get it together.
SilverThistle 2 years ago
Exactly. I'm still in love with them but the trust is gone so I keep thinking that cutting ties is for the best...but, I still love them and they've promised to be better, so...

I'll play it by ear until the New Year and see what the score is by then. I'm not averse to staying here but I'm definitely not all in like I have been in the past. For one thing a lot of my friends have left or are in the process of/considering leaving. I've looked into keeping in touch with them wherever they go but realistically that's not sustainable.
Hol 2 years ago
I understand. Uncertainty is such a bitch. I guess you could go with two, that way if one goes you have the other. Does that work?
SilverThistle 2 years ago
It would, but which two? Also, everyone seems to be scattering and I'd hate to lose touch. This last month or so I've added Bloglovin' and Twitter to the mix and rekindled Pinterest. My LlibraryThing acc I've had since 2008 or thereabouts has been toyed with too. There are a few more little places but wherever it is I need them to work for me, not make work for me. I saw a post on BL today lamenting much the same things by another reader and was thinking along the same lines. Maybe I'll be a copycat and write my own one just to get it all off my chest and see if writing down the pro's and con's of each one helps...