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Happy New Year!

Sorry to see you going back to GR -- though I can't blame you ...
SilverThistle 2 years ago
Yeah, I swore I'd never go back there but it's doing my head in here. I need the interaction and my blogs don't really give me that so it is what it is. I'll maybe keep my 'currently reading' section up to date but mostly I'll be elsewhere for my main stuff. So sad it's come to this :( The only reason I'm still here is so I can get my reviews saved to other places. I'm managing about 2 or 3 a day and then the waiting for the page to load kills me.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Happy New Year.
Can't blame you either for going back to GR. :(
SilverThistle 2 years ago
So frustrating that it has come to this. I've lived here for three years :/

I suppose that makes me a fairweather friend but I've reached my limit.
Many have. :(
YouKneeK 2 years ago
About getting your reviews… one thing that may speed up the process, if you aren’t doing it already, is go to the “Blog” option on the green menu at the top. Not the actual fancy blog, but the one that looks like the dashboard but only contains your own posts. Then put something heavy on your space bar and walk away for a few hours.

The space bar serves as “page down” (at least on Firefox, IE, and Chrome) so it will get all your posts loaded for you without the need for you to sit at the computer. Then you won't have to wait in-between grabbing posts. After they all load, start at the bottom, so you can get as many of the older posts as possible in case something happens and your browser tab gets shut down. That will ensure you don’t have to load as many next time.

This tactic has worked pretty well for me. I already had my reviews saved offline, but I did want to save screen shots of the comments because that was the best part of this site for me.
SilverThistle 2 years ago
Thanks for the space bar tip. I've been trying to keep my blog view open with the 'review' tag loaded and each time something happens and the browser window either shuts or has to be shut and I need to start again. Fingers crossed that this time I get them all. The fact that we're even discussing how to get my posts off BL without tearing my hair out is another indication that my time here has passed its sell by date
SilverThistle 2 years ago
Oh, and the comment saving thing is a great idea, thanks. Off to start at the beginning again, lol.
YouKneeK 2 years ago
LOL, sorry. ;)
Kitty Horror 2 years ago
Happy New Year, Silver Thistle.
I'm still ridiculously hopeful that BL will pull it 's finger out and get some stability into the site asap.
I guess I can dream.
I'll see you over in GR. ;)