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Great new tutorials -- duly added to the corresponding page on my blog!
SilverThistle 9 years ago
Thank you so much! I've been reading though them again and I think they might make sense to only me but whatever, I tried, Ahahha!

I added your wonderful masterpost resource page to my page too. Just off to see what goodies you've found to add today :D
Mainly yours! :)
Shera (Book Whispers) 9 years ago
Thank you! I was wondering how to make changes to the follower thingies.
SilverThistle 9 years ago
You're very welcome! I'm working on a tutorial to pretty them up a bit once they're moved but that might be for a day or two from now as
my head is already nipping from trying to stay on top of all my open tabs and conversations, lol. It's like trying to juggle cats :D
Hehe. Tell me about it ... When all three of mine were still among us, I sometimes had to grab all three of them at once, particularly when getting them ready for transport, because the others would immediately clue in and go into hiding if I grabbed only one. Ever tried juggling three wildly protesting cats at once while trying to stuff one of them into his/herr carrier?

Shera (Book Whispers) 9 years ago
I'll bet. No worries, I'm trying to get my shelves ready for the move. And I'm still thinking about my look, I'm going dark and want to change my post box and fonts.
I'll probably be writing one on adding a scrolling marquee for quotes at some point -- based on the code that Ian posted in the "Booklikes Tips and Tricks" thread on GR. Had a lot of fun with that last night! :)
SilverThistle 9 years ago
OOh, I'll look forward to that one :D Sounds fancy!
It's actually super-easy ...
Fun With Books Blog 9 years ago
Thank you - once again :) My nerves are now shot, but it is done - yay!
SilverThistle 9 years ago
That's wonderful!! Thanks for letting me know! :D You're blog is looking cuter by the second!
SilverThistle 9 years ago
Hi :) On your timeline page the 'search' bar is missing from below the buttons so everything has moved up to fill in the space. I don't know if I can explain it well in the comments as the code might not work. but I'll try.

YOu can either add the command a few times to move everything down. You wo

The code might not work when I hit enter but you'll need to copy/paste this:

SilverThistle 9 years ago
Yeah, the code I put in just got wiped when I hit enter. :(

I'll add the bit of code you need at the bottom of the tutorial. Just let me know when you've seen it and if you need help :)
Sassafrass 9 years ago
that's what happened to me too, Nia. Thanks so much for putting this bit of code in. Otherwise, I would have been completely lost. These templates are AWESOME! It's definitely a work in progress but I think, thanks to you, I'll be able to make something of my blog!
SilverThistle 9 years ago
That's wonderful that you managed to sort out your template! I'm so glad the code I put for Nia is helping others too! I was intending to take it out once Nia had seen it but I'll leave it in now, if it has a chance to be useful. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

Your blog is looking great and coming along nicely :)
Thanks! It worked!
SilverThistle 9 years ago
You're welcome! Thanks for taking the time to let me know it helped :D
Lyssa's novel ideas 8 years ago
Thanks for posting!
SilverThistle 8 years ago
You're welcome :)