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Thank God -- good for you! And 6-3 is actually more decisive than I'd have thought -- this could easily have gone 5-4.
Chief Justice Roberts wrote for the majority, which was Sotomayor/Kagan/Ginsberg/Breyer/Kennedy. (Kennedy is a pickup.)
Yeah -- I think Ginsberg and Breyer could be expected, as could be Scalia in the "con" corner (Kennedy being a "pro" pickup is a bit of a suprise), Sotomayor is a reassuring vote, but Roberts voting pro Obamacare I wouldn't have bet on!
The ladies and Breyer I expected to uphold, Roberts I had no idea on (you had to pick me up off the floor when he upheld it in the first case), and Scalia/Alito/Thomas in the definite no category.

Kennedy is the court's main swing vote at this point, so that doesn't surprise me so much - I think.
Reader! Reader! 4 years ago
My SIL too! She had no insurance for years and years because no one would insure her. What a relief!
I don't get the subsidy, but just being allowed to buy insurance is a great relief. "Prior condition" sucks donkey balls.
Chris' Fish Place 4 years ago
Thank goodness.
Yay! Me too! As a broke student who couldn't afford health care for a very long time, Obamacare has been a godsend. I was nervous that I would lose my coverage. Glad SCOTUS came through.
I'm so happy for you all!
I would prefer a single payer system, but this is a great improvement on the previous system, to my mind.
I agree. Having lived in the U.S., I sort of know what the issues and attitudes underlying this particular debate are, but many Germans are totally bewildered by it (as you probably know) ...
I have friends in civilized countries, like Germany, UK, and Spain, who can't believe the US health care "system" even after I've explained how it "works"!
Well, I sure dunno about "civilized", and I'm not a major fan of good ol' Bismarck in many another respect, but that health care system of his sure has got some staying power ... (only it's getting bogged down by bureaucracy these days, which isn't exactly making it better. But I'm still happy to have it at all!)
Reflections 4 years ago
Hooray! So glad you'r still covered. I agree with the others--I wish we had a single payer system, especially since I'm self-employed--but a "no" decision on the Affordable Care Act would have been a disaster.
Olga Godim 4 years ago
Congrats! We don't have to worry about health care here, in Canada, but south of the 49th parallel, it's another matter altogether. I'm happy for you.
I want to thank Canada personally - before I got insured, I got all my drugs there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Canada.
HOOOORAY!!!! Like you I have a "preexisting condition" - cancer. I couldn't get coverage before Obamacare for love nor money. It must be nice for all those rich naysayers to be able to have whatever they want, whenever they want. The regular folks in this country have suffered enough under the tyranny of the mega rich!
Bettie's Books 4 years ago