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Book Cupidity 1 year ago
I turned around this morning to return this afternoon. If it's still too long, I will have to wait until after work, which would blow because I'd have to bring the kids to wait. While that sounds like an awesome experience to expose them would add to my already anxious stomach!
A lot of people brought their kids when I was there - but we vote at a local elementary school, so the kids mostly went and played on the playground, or played kickball.
I remember my mother took me down to my elementary school, to watch her vote, when I was six and we were living in Charlotte - that was cool. Only time I've ever seen a classic voting booth with a curtain.
Only about ten or fifteen minutes last week. So glad I voted early now!
I'm glad you had such a short wait!
Lol. The funny thing is I thought it was a long line - until I started hearing about the lines today! I'm sorry the wait's so long for people today, but am also glad so many people are voting!