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Murder by Death 1 year ago
Aw, I have such an irrational love for this book. It's also my go-to audio for nights when the brain won't shut off (the narrator's voice is perfect for this).
BrokenTune 1 year ago
In other puts you to sleep every time?
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Lol... I knew it would sound like that! I won't say it's soporific, but it is soothing; her cadence is never jarring and since I know the story so well at this point, I don't feel I have to listen. It's that perfect love of distraction.
Martini 1 year ago
I have the audiobook waiting for me, so I hope I'll feel more like Jenn about it and less like you, Susanna. ;)
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
Yeah...books #2 and #3 went totally off the rails though. I do have a special fondness for book #1.

ETA: And yes it has a lot of problematic things going on. Let me know when you get to the point where they say his behavior is similar to bats/birds protecting their pregnant mothers or something like that. I remember drinking some coffee at the time and choking when I got to that whole thing.
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
I stayed engrossed with it almost to the end; there is something to the writing and certainly the idea of it. The final chapters seemed really off for me (not just the change in pacing and jumping about places) and so disappointed me that it soured me on the series. Just seemed like they didn't belong to same book or same characters.

To be fair, I had very high expectations going in because of everything all my reading buddies were saying about this book.
It is certainly better written than Deliverance Dane. At this point I think I would slot it in for 3 stars, but not read the sequels. But we'll see how my opinion develops.
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
Yeah if you want to read the sequels I think I have them as ebooks. I don't know if they are available for borrowing but I can see and send them. That or borrow from the library. They really go downhill IMHO.
They're both at my local library, I believe.