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Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
Glad it was enjoyable but hope the insomnia is gone!
Well, (fingers crossed) I will sleep well tonight, but if not, I have a ton of books on my kindle. (My preferred in-bed-at-night format, especially if I've gone to bed and then gotten up again to read.)

Last night was my worst bout in quite some time.
Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
Hopefully then tonight will be better. :-)
Books are the best friends on sleepless nights.
Indeed they are!
Sock Poppet at Play 5 years ago
Faro's Daughter is one of my favorite Heyer books.

I love the light on my Kindle cover. So easy to turn it on and read when I can't sleep but don't want a really bright light on.
I find that cover light very, very useful when there is a power outage! I just curl up and read.