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hippieed perceptions 10 years ago
Partially off topic, but I have had Gangsta's Paradise stuck in my head for the last several days, going as far as reenacting L.V.'s (the singer) dramatic sweat covered singing whenever I have the chance. So the beginning of this review made me laugh. The blurb does scream Dangerous Minds though.
Haha he was so sweaty! I totally forgot about that!! They looked to be in some smoke filled basement too, why was he so damn hot?! Don't feel bad, I go through spurts of getting different songs stuck in my head and just sing them throughout the day, even when I wish I could stop, but alas I have no self control with these things. Whenever I happen to hear "We Built This City" by: Jefferson Starship it's a guaranteed couple days of belting it out with no regard to the fact that others are most definitely appalled by my lackluster singing voice.