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lol good old adventure time.
great review. i felt pretty similar myself while reading the second book.
haha yeah my daughter introduced me to that show awhile ago. I think I actually liked this book better than the first one!
WOW thats saying something. the first one was so gut wrenching!! in a terribly good way.
will you be seeing the movie? for the first book?

the first time i saw adventure time i was like wtf is this? i was forced to watch about 10 more episodes then i was like OMG this is amazing, its makes some much sense it a weird drug hallucinate kind of way!
I definitely want to see the movie....I've been meaning to do so, but work and my daughter's extra curiculars have been keeping me super busy lately. I'll get to see it eventually. Are you planning on seeing it? I would almost rather watch it at home though because I don't want to cry in public lol.

Yep. I felt the same way! I was like "this is weird" and then I watched a few more, until I was like "I love the weirdness, give me more!". I think my favorite show my daughter introduced me to was Regular Show!! Have you seen that? Rigby is hilarious!
LOL. i dont know, i saw the trailer and didnt think it looked as good as i hoped, but then i thought the same about Vampire Academy and apparently thats quite good. So i'll see what people say and make my mind up from there, though i probably will at some point.

is that with the brown bird and the.... what ever the other critter is?
either way pretty sure i havent, lol. though i'll check it out!
my favorite animated show would have to be Avatar: The last airbender. have you seen that?? so good!!
Oh god....Vampire Academy. I watched that with my daughter not too long ago and we were cracking up throughout most if it. The main character's face everytime she had visions or whatever was hysterical. I thought it was just so cheesy. But I'm sure there are people out there who loved it. To be fair I couldn't stand the Twilight movies either.

Yes! The bird and the...shit what is Rigby, a raccoon I think lol. It's basically a show about complete laziness and the trouble you get in while half-assing pretty much everything. I've never seen Avatar. I'll have to check it out!!
well i heard it was hilarious, and im all down for a good laugh.
yea i didnt read the twilight books and after seeing most of the movies im glad i didnt, though i did think the wolves were spectacular. the way the burst from there human skin like that! fantastic graphics! actually probably my fav part in all of the movies was when the wolves changed. lol.

Avatar is fantastic! i think there is four season, then they released a new show based on future generations. the legend of korra, i believe.
the first show is personally my favorite but the second is quite good as well, but i just adore all of the characters in the first, plus i grew up watching them. and there just hilarious. every few years i re-watch it from ep 1. crack up every single time. lol
Yeah I agree, there were some decent special effects with the wolves. I didn't read the books either, although I've heard people say they were good. The movies kind of ruined that for me. I had no idea that Avatar was funny! Admittedly I don't really know anything about the show, but I never envisioned it being having comedic elements. Now I'm definitely intrigued!
its quite good, yea the movie let the show down a bit, the tv show version is much better. apparently the books are good as well, though i havent read them yet.

yea i really dislike bella's personality, and i cant enjoy a book if i dislike the main POV.

just watched Divergent and Ender's Game. Divergent was great, and was similar to the book. Ender's Game was pretty good if you can get into the idea of a bunch of 14 year olds saving the world cause adults arent talented enough..... but beyond that i enjoyed it.