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KindleRomance 4 years ago
I need to start reading this. I love shorts and so many of these authors. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
Tami 4 years ago
It was really really nice to read - and the money goes to charity - and the two stories by KJ Charles and Joanna Chambers alone were worth it :-)
The others were a bit more angsty and I didn't wholly love them to be honest, but all in all a great anthology :D
Ultramarine 4 years ago
I don't mind short stories, I actually sometimes prefer it (depends on the mood, you know :)) but what I DO like about Anthologies is the fact you get introduced to new authors without a lot of effort on your part.
I just finished an Anthology yesterday. There were 4 stories, one by an author I know and love and I really enjoyed the story, the other three I didn't know AT ALL. So two were quite boring (gave them 1-2 stars) and the last one my Molly McAdams I REALLY enjoyed so I'm going to check more of her work. I don't think you would love this Anthology so I'm not recommending it, I'm actually not sure you'd like Molly (we'll have to see what I think of her full novels as well :)) but generally speaking I think it's a good way to spotting new things to read.
But yeah, you mostly have to go through a few boring pieces with the good ones.. it's a risk..