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Ultramarine 8 years ago
I know what you mean :/ I especially hate it when it's SO out of character and they are too damn young.. I can name too many novels having this issue.... and I think that for some obscure reason abortion is "against the law" for ALL books. I haven't read ONE singular book in which abortion was the right idea when a baby came at the wrong moment / too early or something like that. Being totally in love with someone is one, being in a state where you are mature enough to have a kid with him is something else entirely!
Tami 8 years ago
So right!
It is a theme that was obligatory in all those bad historical romances, where the heroine is married and pregnant before 21 - and somehow found its way into contemporary.
I didn't like it, because Joss was very rational and smart about dealing with her issues, getting used to having a husband and a loving family before having kids - why o why does she need to have a child and be ecstatic about it at 24? She only knows Braden for 2,5 years - that is not stability in my book...
Ultramarine 8 years ago
2.5 years is good!!! in some books you see it after a few months together or something like that. Contemporary Romance should be exactly that - of OUR time which means yeah, abortion is an option one should at least think about... I really don't get why be a parent at such a young age. we age so much in our twenties, especially from 20-22 to our late twenties.. I think about myself and the relationship I had 10 years ago, and I think about who I am today, totally different in so many ways, yeah, I'm the same person but I deal totally different. I don't want kids in general but I'm just thinking about the mental strength I had back then and how I behaved in a relationship and I know it would have been a huge impact on kids if there were any.
Tami 8 years ago
I am together with my guy for 11 years and when I look back - the first years were really hormone-induced euphoria mixed with getting to know each other and trying to find out how we fit.
Real intimacy takes time - at last that's how it is for me and why I am not keen on all those insta-relationships that are "true love" in 30 days...
I also don't have kids and I am not planning on any - I don't mind them and while I am not a total fan of Babies in books and movies, it's ok as long as it fits the story. But here - it just was a sappy, corny way of drilling it in: THEY ARE A GREAT COUPLE AND HAVE FOUND TRUE LOVE.
That's not how it is in real life - and if a romance wants to introduce real life drama like loss and vulnerabilites, mental problems etc. there also should be a realistic happiness...
Ultramarine 8 years ago
totally agree! I just commented somewhere about Country Mouse / City Mouse by Lane and Voinov, the first novella is about them getting together - yeah, hormone-induced and euphoria will sum it up and then there's City mouse which is less "fun" and more about getting the relationship to work (I will be writing a review somewhere in the weekend) so I thought it was good considering how different they were. most books just get to the HEA and that's it. well, if we wanted the "real deal" each book would be 2000 pages long hehe so we gotta have some sort of instant in this sense..
I've never had THAT a long a relationship. 2 years was as long as it lasted. But each was different. One was VERY slow pace and the other was FFW to the extreme and when I think about it, the beginning sounded really like the insta-love we have in books, a total obsession in no time. But I guess most relationships aren't like that. and I always say that since I was 22 back then it might have been more about the age and less about the guy/situation and more about me believing in fairy tales..