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Portable Magic 10 years ago
I've never read any G Heyer books, although I've put a couple of her freebie ebooks from the Gutenberg Project on my ipad.
Tami 10 years ago
I LOVE her books. Her writing is simply brilliant. Her romances are always clean (only a kiss in the end), and I loved mostly all the characters she ever invented. She is one of the very few authors who wrote very many books about the same topic (romance), but all her characters were unique. The dialogues, the wit and banter, the elegance...I think I read most of her books at least twice.
Ok, by now you've noticed I am a hard core fan :-)

You should really give her a try - if you like clean romances, that is.
I started rading her when I was a teenager, but I still read them, they are just so enjoyable.
Portable Magic 10 years ago
I don't care much for smut in romances as it tends to be poorly written and more laughable than arousing. I'd first heard of her when reading a fanfic that credited one of her books for the plot, using a contemporary book's characters.